Silicone film-forming product

Blue silicone film-forming product, formed from 2 components called FEVDISIL PB1 and FEVDISIL PB2, mixed with 50/50.

Immediately after mixing using a spatula, a blade or a static mixer, the product can be applied by spraying or by extrusion.

FEVDISIL PB can be applied to many types of substrates (PVC, polycarbonate, steels, aluminum, copper, galvanized, polyethylene, concrete, lead), regardless of the shape and orientation of the surface.

FEVDISIL PB polymerises in the open air or under water, without releasing secondary products.

The polymerised film FEVDISIL PB has a very good mechanical strength (especially with scratches). It forms an impermeable and water-resistant barrier, even weakly acidic or alkaline. It makes it possible to make a wall tight to the air or water or to plug a small hole.

See the product sheet of FEVDISIL PB.

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