Our commitment : your satisfaction

Our mission :

Provide solutions to your problems of cleaning, preparation, surface treatment, and decontamination in the nuclear sector. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we assess your explicit and implicit needs to bring you the appropriate solutions.

Our priority :

Satisfy you, fully and permanently. That is why we are constantly working to control and assure the quality of our all products and services. The quality management according to ISO 9001:2015 is an additional way that we give us to take up every day the ongoing challenge that is the maximum quality at all levels. Through this approach, we ensure the rational functioning of our society and the continuous improvement of its system of quality management. We also provide the utmost care in selecting our partners and raw material suppliers.

Our expertise :

Develop specific products and products of tomorrow. FEVDI is able to meet demanding and rigorous specifications. FEVDI committed to developing products that are friendlier to humans and the environment, and materials always more secure and safe. FEVDI endeavours to combine innovation, quality, efficiency and safety. Our all products are free of CMR compounds and conform to the Reach Regulation.

Our reactivity :

Provide advice and answers to your requests as soon as possible. We guarantee the continuous stock of our leading products such as ALCATUM, NUCLEON 3, RETENSIPH or our ranges FEVDIRAD, FEVDICAP, DELNET. If needed, we can deliver in an emergency, within 24 hours, throughout France. ASPIGEL are produced on request and shipped within 48 hours in order to ensure optimal use of time.