3 in 1 device for decontamination with foam of any kind:
• Mixer of 2 products at 50/50 by volume,
• Generator and foam sprayer,
• Low pressure cleaner.
Compact and robust thanks to the chosen materials (stainless steel, composite materials).
Just requires a supply of low pressure compressed air (6 to 10 bar).
Has a retention tank along its length.
The change of can can be done in operation (unlimited autonomy).
Pump directly in the original packaging which avoids any transfer of product.
Outlet with stainless steel Quick Coupling with self-sealing valve that prevents splashing and compatible with all foam gun accessories.
The foam can be conveyed with a FEVDI pipe of 8 to 50 m without modifying its properties.
The double lance allows to select the nozzle suitable for the projection of the foam or its rinsing.
Possibility to adjust the quality of the foam from the outside or to adjust it to form a foam train.

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