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3 in 1 device for decontamination with foam of any kind:
• Mixer of 2 products at 50/50 by volume,
• Generator and foam sprayer,
• Low pressure cleaner.
Compact and robust thanks to the chosen materials (stainless steel, composite materials).
Just requires a supply of low pressure compressed air (6 to 10 bar).
Has a retention tank along its length.
The change of can can be done in operation (unlimited autonomy).
Pump directly in the original packaging which avoids any transfer of product.
Outlet with stainless steel Quick Coupling with self-sealing valve that prevents splashing and compatible with all foam gun accessories.
The foam can be conveyed with a FEVDI pipe of 8 to 50 m without modifying its properties.
The double lance allows to select the nozzle suitable for the projection of the foam or its rinsing.
Possibility to adjust the quality of the foam from the outside or to adjust it to form a foam train.


Airless Portable Sprayer for Neutral Gels and Films

The MINIFIX Airless portable sprayer is designed for the spraying of the FEVDI products of the range FIXATEUR and FIXAPRO. MINIFIX is used to deposit a protective layer against contamination, or a layer to fix the contamination on the substrate.

See the characteristics of MINIFIX


Silicone film-forming product

Blue silicone film-forming product, formed from 2 components called FEVDISIL PB1 and FEVDISIL PB2, mixed with 50/50.

Immediately after mixing using a spatula, a blade or a static mixer, the product can be applied by spraying or by extrusion.

FEVDISIL PB can be applied to many types of substrates (PVC, polycarbonate, steels, aluminum, copper, galvanized, polyethylene, concrete, lead), regardless of the shape and orientation of the surface.

FEVDISIL PB polymerises in the open air or under water, without releasing secondary products.

The polymerised film FEVDISIL PB has a very good mechanical strength (especially with scratches). It forms an impermeable and water-resistant barrier, even weakly acidic or alkaline. It makes it possible to make a wall tight to the air or water or to plug a small hole.

See the product sheet of FEVDISIL PB.

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Sprayer for neutral gels and neutral films

Equipment designed to pump FEVDI products from the GNS, FIXATEUR and FIXAPRO ranges, directly into their original packaging from 5 to 20 L. The FEVDI products can be transported over a length of 15 meters as standard and up to 30 meters at request, in order to place the pump on its trolley and the product out of contaminated area. Its gun is equipped with a nozzle holder with its interchangeable reversible nozzle with an optional extension.

See the characteristics of PROJET PRO 119


Gel spraying system

Spraying set designed for applying all FEVDI gels, specially ASPIGEL. Allows pumping the gel directly into the original packaging and then conveying it to 50 m to a gun with a selected nozzle for an optimal application. Possible to use with telemanipulators (contact us). Also available in a version specially designed for peelable and sacrificial varnishes, under the name “PUGELEC FIX”.

See the characteristics of PUGELEC


AEROFIX : Contamination fixer in aerosol

Contamination fixer in aerosol for temporary or permanent protection of all materials (cloth, vinyl, etc.).
Form a dry film, touched tack, which can be eliminated by washing machine. Very fast drying. Doesn’t generate droplets. Usable in any position (360° valve that doesn’t clog).

See the product sheet of AEROFIX.

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